This Face Has Seen Elements

This face has spent A LOT of time in the elements! I mean, those miles laced up in my runnings shoes… cold, windy Minnesota winters rainy springs, humid summers, cool, refreshing falls. Barkley and I were outside running, no matter what. And now, with the exception of San Diego’s May Gray and June Gloom, thisContinue reading “This Face Has Seen Elements”

Where I Buy my Medicine

I am a HUGE podcast listener… anyone else here? I heard this on The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman, and I immediately thought to share it with you: Every time you walk into a supermarket, you’re entering a pharmacy. Look one direction, and you’ll find nutrient-rich foods to nourish our bodies. Move your eyesContinue reading “Where I Buy my Medicine”

Retinol? Reti-not.

Why I don’t advocate for retinoids, despite their results. If you’re new to Positively Zen, welcome! I am all about results without the concern of long-term health consequences. That’s in any way, from movement and exercise to the products we use in, on, and around our bodies every day. For those of you who’ve knownContinue reading “Retinol? Reti-not.”